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Artists Repertory Theatre Hosts Free Tiempo Libre Concert

Monday, September 07, 2015
Briauna Skye McKizzie, GoLocalPDX Contributor

On Monday, September 21st, Artists Repertory Theatre will host a free Tiempo Libre concert at Director Park in downtown Portland.

Tiempo Libre is the three-time, Grammy-nominated, Afro-Caribbean music group known for their jazz harmonies and sultry rhythms. 

Over the last fourteen years, Tiempo Libre has travelled all across the world sharing their Afro-Caribbean heritage with adoring audiences. 

Their set at the Director Park concert will feature songs from their new album, Panamericano. 

After their performance, Portland’s DJ Blas will keep the audience’s hips swaying by playing a special selection of salsa music. 

While the concert will be a spectacular event in and of itself, it’s also a celebration of the upcoming world premier of the Broadway-scale, new musical "Cuba Libre."

Inspired by the lives of the band members of Tiempo Libre, "Cuba Libre" tells the story of a Cuban musician living in present-day who contemplates on the sacrifices that he and his friends and family have made in order for him to become an artist in the U.S. Told in flashbacks, the musical explores the protagonist’s life from the 1990s in Cuba to preset-day in Miami. 

The musical is performed by a company of 21 award-winning and multi-ethnic actors, dancers and musicians. Additionally, Tiempo Libre will perform live for every performance of the show’s premier run, October 3rd through November 8th. 

“To us, music is not just a way of life, it is a way of experiencing life.  We all grew up together during a difficult time in Cuba’s history, called the Special Period, when Russia had pulled out its support.  Times were very hard, but music was a way in which we could escape our worries and enjoy ourselves. Later it was our dreams of playing the music we wanted to play that gave us the strength to leave Cuba and come to the U.S., a country which has made so many possibilities come true for us.  We hope you will come to the  concert and we hope you will come see Cuba Libre, because, to us, you won’t just be the audience, you will be a guest in our house, a part of our celebration, and a part of our story,” says Tiempo Libre founder and Cuba Libre music director Jorge Gómez.

Tiempo Libre Concert at Director Park, 815 SW Park Ave. Monday, September 21, 5:00pm  - 7:00pm 

Homepage Photo Credit: 

Elvis Suarez/GlassWorksMultiMedia

Image of Tiempo Libre Photo Credit: Elvis Suarez/GlassWorksMultiMedia

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    7805 SE Oaks Park Way

  • Pumpkin Regatta Festival

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    8325 SW Nyberg St.

  • NW Cider Fest

    Beer and Portland go together like vegans and nose piercings. But what about cider: one of Portland’s most trailblazing trends? The answer: NW Ciderfest from October 10-11 at Pioneer Courthouse Square. There are taste testings for adults, pie-eating competitions, and fun and games for the little, sober ones too. 

  • Sauvie Island

    Visiting Sauvie Island during the fall months is a congratulatory escape from the hustle and bustle of urban Portland. Here, Portlanders can pick pumpkins off of the vine in wide, spooky open fields. But the real draw on this forsaken island (which with a little imagination can give the shooting location from the Blair Witch Project a run for its money) is the The Haunted Maize, a four-acre spectacle that is open every Friday and Saturday evening until 10 PM this October. 

    16511 NW Gillihan Rd.

  • Harvest Festival

    For $6 per adult and for free if you’re a kid, you can visit the Hood River Valley Harvest Festival from 1 PM to 6 PM on Friday, October 16th and from 10 AM to 6 PM on October 17th and 18th. This is where you want to go if you want to reap some of Oregon’s finest bounty: load up on a cornucopia of local harvested items such as fruits, vegetables, and other goodies. Oh, and there’s also free parking. That’s important. 

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  • Cider Squeeze

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    29912 SE Hwy. 211 Eagle Creek, OR 97022 

  • 80’s Video Dance Party

    Need Halloween plans that you can't escape? Well, it's suggested that you buy a $12 ticket to the annual 80s Video Dance Attack Halloween Party at the Crystal Ballroom ahead of time (e.g. prices jump to $15 at the door). This event will have you rocking back and forth all night long. Held on Friday, October 30th at 8 PM, you can relive your middle school dreams with an adult twist as the most coveted 80s hits dominate your backdrop. Both floors of the venue will be utilized and there were be plenty of Halloween-themed surprises and treats as the night rages on.  

    1332 W Burnside St.

  • Fright Town

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  • Howloween

    Here's one for the kids. At Howloween at the Zoo, kids can trick-or-treat in style (and in safety) by participating in an impromptu scavenger hunt at the Oregon Zoo. While kids gain prizes, they can also learn about wildlife and broaden their ecological understanding. Sounds like a Portland parents’ dream come true.  

    4001 Southwest Canyon Rd.

  • Erotic Ball

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    1332 W. Burnside St. 

  • Rimsky-Korsakoffee House

    This October, you might want to have an eccentric dining experience in a notorious haunted house. The Rimsky-Korsakoffee House shows its true colors during the fall season when its subtle live pianists and odd late night hours (open from 7-midnight) make the most sense. Also, don't visit the upstairs bathroom and try to convince yourself that the doll feet hanging out of the ceiling are not somewhat alarming. Remember, another oddity: this place only serves coffee drinks and desserts!

  • Zombie Zip Line

    The 2015 Portland Zombie Zip Line will really get you in the mood for the return of The Walking Dead. Zip lining through trees at the Tree To Tree Adventure Park could only be made scarier with the addition participants wearing zombie-inspired attire. With this added Halloween twist, outdoor sports have succumbed to a new level of creativity. What an adrenaline rush. 

    2975 SW Nelson Rd.

  • Lone Fir Cemetery

    What better way to celebrate fall than to have a picnic in one of Portland's most historical (the first burial took place here in 1846) and scenic cemeteries? The Lone Fir Cemetery has an extraordinary number of botanical gardens and a number of leaf-littered flat surfaces for you to toast to the holiday season. Bring some candles and some tarot cards and feast during the nighttime when there's a higher chance that you might catch sight of a ghost! 

    SE 26th Ave.

  • Underground Tour

    Paris has its catacombs and Edinburgh has its underground city, but let's not forget the Shanghai Tunnels of Portland. The Underground Portland Walking Tour operates on a roaming basis (in terms of scheduling and activity), and is specifically designed to delve into the more embarrassing and depressing portions of Portland's history. This insider's view may make Portland seem just a bit dirtier even when it is internationally lauded for its cleanliness

  • Hump! Festival

    Being sex-positive is becoming more and more positive -- and lucrative. The Pacific Northwest Hump! Tour gives local Portlanders a chance to become amateur porn stars by submitting 5-minute films to the contest in order to win cash prizes. The Best of Hump! movies (selected in the contest) will be premiered at Cinema 21 so that you can observe even if you don't actually want to submit footage in the competition yourself. 

    616 NW 21st Ave.

  • NW Filmmaker's Festival

    The 42nd Northwest Filmmaker's Festival will premiere from November 12th through the 17th. The event allows west coast directors to become participants with the winning selections showcased during the festival. The festival is a great chance for you to simultaneously wet your cinematic appetite while getting in touch with local, unknown prodigies. 

  • Christmas Bazaar

    Believe it or not, Portland is home to America's largest Christmas Bazaar. Expect 400 booths of juried handcrafted items as well as 500 additional commercial holiday products. The Bazaar is held at the Portland Expo Center and runs from November through December. Remember guys, America's largest bazaar.

    2060 N Marine Dr.

  • Xmas Light Drive-Thru

    Cheesy Christmas-related events are a dime a dozen. And they're quite important for the soul. The 23rd annual Winter Wonderland, powered by Comcast, is dubbed the largest holiday light show west of the Mississippi. So load up on a winter-themed drink from the Starbucks drive-thru and set your car on cruise control. Christmas is comin' at ya from November 27th through December 26th. 

  • Christmas Tree Lighting

    Though Lake Oswego has its own Christmas tree lighting ceremony, the premiere lighting is held (per usual) in Pioneer Courthouse Square. Bring a jacket and some good tidings come November 28th (from 5:30 to 6:30 PM) so that you can be present to watch the official turning point of the holiday season!

  • SantaLand Diaries

    Who doesn't love David Sedaris? Well, probably a few people. Love him or hate him, his words are front and center this holiday season. Aficionados of Sedaris' novel "The Santaland Diaries" should feel enticed to see the live action version of the book brought to life by Portland's very own Portland Center Stage. 

    128 NW 11th Ave.

  • Twist Your Dickens

    Twist Your Dickens is returning to the Portland Center Stage. Though Charles Dickens probably never intended for his classic novel "A Christmas Carol" to be quite this raunchy, Twist Your Dickens is an interactive theatrical event that includes audience members during the performance. You don't have to be involved (because sometimes that's awkward), but it might be an option for those who like to get intimate. 

    128 NW 11th Ave.

    Photo by: katu.com

  • Vegfest

    Vegetarians and vegans alike might want to make their pilgrimage to 2015's VegFest held at the Oregon Convention Center from November 14th to November 15th. The convention celebrates a plant-based diet and includes health and nutrition specialists, Fashion and Beauty state presentations and -- you guessed it -- free food. 

    777 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.

  • Zoolights

    The Oregon Zoo will set out to brighten the mood this December with its 28th annual ZooLights festival. In case you're interested in a striking backdrop and some nostalgic field trip cuisine like chicken strips and cotton candy, ZooLights should be a quick fix. Don't expect many animals though, the event takes place at night while critters are sleeping!

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