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slides: Inside the Fitting Room with Scarlet Chamberlin, June 26

Friday, June 26, 2015
Scarlet Chamberlin, GoLocalPDX Contributor

Getting ready for your summer adventures? I know I am. I'm assembling a sweet collection of #glamping equipment for my little family to take on the road this season. In Portland, we have easy access to rivers, lakes and the ocean. I welcome any invitation to lounge poolside, but I'm especially keen on getaways that included secret swimming holes and prime surf spots.

 During my last big purge, I tossed all of my old swimsuits that were stretched out in all the wrong places and realized I had very few summer clothes. With this heat wave, the lack is even more apparent. One could go the whole summer in flip flops, jeans, and a t-shirt in this town. But why? Here are a few fashionable finds that are on our radar this season...

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  • On the hunt for a functional and cute swimsuit, I discovered the Leucadia Bikini by Seea Swimwear. This is the kind of suit you can throw a top over and run to the grocery store in. Flattering, modern, and sturdy enough to tumble around in the waves in.

  • Gwen Dress by Clayton- With high temps, and lots to do this summer, a dress that can easily stand on its own is key. Jump into this flow-y frock, and slip on some mules, slides or heels. Perfect for any occasion by switching up your accessories!

  • Black Dusk Sandal by Matt Bernson- Step up your game with these. There’s something magical about Matt Bernson’s designs that look gorgeous on any foot. He gets all the points for proportion and scale and achieves comfort without sacrificing style.

  • Fringe Fedora by Yestadt Millinery- Loving the textures on this fedora! Dress it up with a collared shirt dress, or chill it out with a colorful caftan.

  • Pram Sunnies by Coco & Breezy- I want these so badly that I measured my face to determine whether or not these will suit me. They will!

  • Sammy Navy Aiby Tote- Shibori is all the rage. This tote is luxe enough to head to meetings with, and practical enough to take to the farmer's market with the kiddos. I imagine this looking super fresh with all of your summer wardrobe staples. White denim, linen or cotton shirt dresses, pants and tops... bring it.

  • Aztec Roundie Towel by The Beach People- It’s like a decorative rug for the Earth. Take it to your favorite swimming hole or the beach. Wrap yourself up in it and you’ve got a cape!

  • Tick Mark Write On Envelopes by Eggpress- One of my favorite things to do on vacation is to write to family and friends. These all-in-one cards are so easy to slip in your purse, take on the plane, or throw in a beach tote. Sit back, relax, and write some love notes!

  • Eno Hammock- Post up anywhere!



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