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Rogue Ales & Spirits Announces Latest Beer “Dead N’ Dead”

Tuesday, September 19, 2017
GoLocalPDX Lifestyle Team

Rogue Ales and Spirits has announced the creation of their newest beer titled Dead N’ Dead.

“We had a lot of fun producing Dead ‘N’ Dead. We have these amazing tools to work with, from our handcrafted ales and spirits to our whiskey barrels. Our brewers and distillers got resourceful by colliding our most popular beer and spirit to make a new favorite,” said Rogue President Brett Joyce.

 Dead ‘N’ Dead will be available for a limited time in 22oz. bottles and available on draft in select locations.

Dead & Dead

Rogue brewers, distillers, and coopers placed Dead Guy Ale in barrels which had previously held Dead Guy Whiskey, made with Rogue Farms ingredients.

The beer was then aged for six months, allowing it to soak up flavors and personality from the whiskey barrels.

Dead ‘N’ Dead features a strong whiskey nose and added notes of oak and vanilla, with a smooth caramel flavor from the whiskey barrels that balances out Dead Guy Ale’s malty, honey sweetness.

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