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The Best Donuts in America List is Out: See Who Made it From Portland

Thursday, February 25, 2016
GoLocalPDX Lifestyle Team

Blue Star Donuts, PHOTO: Facebook
The list of best donut shops in the country is out and two Portland shops have made it.

Donut Byte Labs and Blue Star Donuts have been named as two of the 33 best donut shops in the country, according to a list put together by Thrillist.

The methodology of the development of this list is unquestionable as Thrillist says they came up with the rankings by eating the donuts, arguing over them and then putting them in a list of 33.

About Blue Star Donuts, Thrillist writes:

A few years back, I knew Blue Star was going to be making a big impression on Portland... a tough nut to crack considering the city has been on the forefront of the donut revolution for as long as people have been standing in line for Voodoo Doughnut's dong-shaped cream concoctions (a long time). Well, now Blue Star has multiple locations throughout Portland, one in LA, and one in Japan, where Portland has become the new Hello Kitty. The expansion, however, hasn't changed anything. The crème brulee donuts are still perfect in their burnt-sugar crunch, with a pipe of Cointreau syrup jammed in the top. The brioche-based dough is a fantastic counter to the traditional cake in everything from the buttermilk old-fashioneds to dulce de leche, Mexican chocolate, and almond granache. Soon, Portland might have to share Blue Star with the world. If that means more donuts of this caliber for everybody, well, we’ll take it.

Blue Star Donuts

Blue Star Donuts was founded in 2012 and has four locations in Portland, their main location being at 1237 SW Washington St.

Their donuts are made from a brioche recipe that originated in the south of France and their dough is made from scratch on a daily basis, taking about 18 hours.

Click here for more information.

About Donut Byte Labs, Thrillist writes:

Donut Byte Lab, Photo: Facebook
If I learned anything from T2, it’s that I'm oddly attracted to women who can do endless pull-ups, but also that robots can't cry. But they can bring tears to our eyes, as proven by both Arnold’s touching goodbye and the next-level desserts made by a semi-automated robot at Portland food cart Donut Byte Labs. The place specializes in miniature rings, pumped out fresh all day by a specialized android of sorts, then gussied up by an actual human who custom-makes every single 'nut in the box to order (plan to spend some time on the sidewalk). They're  hit with everything from bacon and real maple to salted caramel, Reese’s peanut butter, and a blowtorch, which caramelizes the cinnamon sugar on the insane French toast bite. Ive seen the future. And in it, John Connor is very, very fat. But he's cool with it.

Donut Byte Labs

Donut Byte Labs is a food cart that specializes in freshly made mini donuts and trying new flavors each week.

Donut Byte Labs is located on 12 SW 4th Ave in Portland.

Click here for more information.


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