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2016’s Best & Worst Cities for Singles - How Does Portland Rank?

Monday, December 05, 2016
GoLocalPDX Lifestyle Teams

Are you single? Wondering how Portland ranks for singles? Well, a new study has all the data and the ultimate ranking for the best cities in the U.S. for singles.

About 109 million, or 45 percent, of the U.S. adult population are single.

See How Portland and All the Cities Rank Below

"The only problem with being a member of such a large unmarried group, informally known as “America’s Singles Club,” is that your prospects need to live within a drivable or walkable distance — unless you and your future beau can tolerate a completely or partially virtual relationship," writes WalletHub in its new study.

Portland ranks #25 in the U.S.

"With your love life in mind, our data team compared the 150 most populated U.S. cities based on 29 key indicators of a location conducive to a healthy single-but-looking disposition. Our data set ranges from “share of single population” to “number of online dating opportunities” to 'nightlife options per capita.' Continue reading below for the winners, expert dating advice and a full description of our methodology."

Source: WalletHub


In order to identify the best cities for singles, WalletHub’s analysts compared the 150 most populated U.S. cities across three key dimensions: 1) Dating Economics, 2) Romance & Fun and 3) Dating Opportunities.

We evaluated those dimensions using 29 relevant metrics, which are listed below with their corresponding weights. Each metric was graded on a 100-point scale, with 100 representing the most favorable conditions for singles.

Finally, we calculated the overall score for each city based on its weighted average across all metrics and used the resulting scores to rank the cities accordingly.

In determining our sample, we considered only the city proper in each case and excluded cities in the surrounding metro area.

Dating Economics - Total Points: 25

Restaurant-Meal Costs: Full Weight (~ 2.00 Points)
Average Beer & Wine Price: Full Weight (~ 2.00 Points)
Movie Costs: Full Weight (~ 2.00 Points)
Taxi-Fare Cost: Half Weight (~ 1.00 Points)
Average Monthly Fitness-Club Fee: Full Weight (~ 2.00 Points)
Beauty-Salon Costs: Full Weight (~ 2.00 Points)
Haircut Costs: Full Weight (~ 2.00 Points)
Average Party-Ticket Price: Full Weight (~ 2.00 Points)
Median Annual Household Income: Full Weight (~ 2.00 Points)
Note: This metric was adjusted by the cost of living.
Housing Affordability: Full Weight (~ 2.00 Points)
Note: This metric was measured using the rent of a one-bedroom apartment (adjusted by the median annual household income).
Job Growth Rate: Full Weight (~ 2.00 Points)
Overall Well-Being Index: Full Weight (~ 2.00 Points)
Unemployment Rate: Full Weight (~ 2.00 Points)

Romance & Fun - Total Points: 25

Number of Restaurants per Capita: Full Weight (~ 2.27 Points)
Number of Cafés per Capita: Full Weight (~ 2.27 Points)
Number of Attractions: Full Weight (~ 2.27 Points)
Note: “Attractions” include, for instance, museums, cultural performances and zoos.
Number of Parks per Capita: Full Weight (~ 2.27 Points)
City Accessibility: Full Weight (~ 2.27 Points)
Walkability: Full Weight (~ 2.27 Points)
Number of Nightlife Options per Capita: Full Weight (~ 2.27 Points)
WalletHub “Weather” Ranking: Full Weight (~ 2.27 Points)
Crime Rate: Full Weight (~ 2.27 Points)
Number of Shopping Centers per Capita: Full Weight (~ 2.27 Points)
Number of Wellness & Spa Centers per Capita: Full Weight (~ 2.27 Points)

Dating Opportunities – Total Points: 50

Share of Single Population: Double Weight (~ 12.50 Points)
Singles Gender Balance: Double Weight (~ 12.50 Points)
Online Dating Opportunities: Full Weight (~ 6.25 Points)
Note: This metric was measured using the percentage of households with a broadband connection.
Mobile Dating Opportunities: Full Weight (~6.25 Points)
Note: This metric was measured using the percentage of adults who own a smartphone.
“Most Active Tinder Users” Ranking: Double Weight (~ 12.50 Points)


Sources: Data used to create this ranking were collected from the U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Council for Community and Economic Research, Numbeo, Eventbrite, Esri's Updated Demographics - 2016 estimates (Market Potential: GfK MRI), Department of Housing and Urban Development, Trust for Public Land, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Walk Score, Gallup-Healthways, Tinder and WalletHub research.

  • 10. They're gay

    There’s no shortage of men here, right? I mean, anyone walking the city streets can see an abundance of happy gentlemen who are easy on the eye and with a smile.

    Here’s the problem: they’re gorgeous. They’re gleaming. They’re gay.

  • 9. Facial hair

    Moustaches, goatees, mutton chops sideburns that meet at your mouth, facial squirrels and bushy beards are all very well and good, but we have two words for you: beard rash.

    Not. Pretty.

    Photo Credit: Rajarshi Mitra on Flickr

  • 8. No deodorant

    Deodorant here is a bad word – up there with non-organic and Cover Oregon. It brings a whole new – er, odor – to intimate moments.

    Photo Credit: Endlisnis via Compfight CC BY 2.0

  • 7. Only has a bike

    It’s likely if you get a date in this town and he picks you up for it, he’ll be on his bike. If you’re lucky, he’ll at least be clothed (check the calendar to make sure it’s not Naked Bike Ride day). You’d best have your biking shorts on under that skirt.

  • 6. Won't pay for dinner

    Any old-school gals looking for their Mr. Big to drop the dough after dinner will be disappointed. Portlanders are liberal and feminist so your dinner date is as likely to have the same expectations of you. In fact, chances are he’ll be worried that he’s more likely to offend you by offering. Be prepared to shell out.

    Photo Credit: Jorge Royan under a CC-BY-SA-3.0

  • 5. Laid back

    You've heard about how laid back Portlanders are, right? Well the men here are no exception. So relaxed and laid back that it's hard to motivate them to make the first move - or any move at all. 

    Photo credit: Andrés Nieto Porras on Flickr. CC license. (Image cropped). 

  • 4. No job

    If you’ve found the only straight single man in town, chances are he doesn’t have a job. He’s in a band, or he’s building a house one brick at a time, or he’s trying to figure out how to make a sustainable organic hand craft business that mostly involves hanging out in coffee shops and bars. 

    Photo Credit: Ramsay MacDonland, from the Public Domain

  • 3. Profile let down

    Judging by his Tinder profile picture, he's like a young Ryan Gosling. In real life, less gosling, more ugly duckling. 

    Photo credit: Gordon Correll on Flickr. CC license. (Image cropped). 

  • 2. Exes at yoga

    This is a small town so if you do find a man, at some stage or other you’re going to run up against his past. Or multiple pasts. That woman setting her mat up behind you in your yoga class is probably his ex. Ready for some downward dog now?

    Photo Credit: Ace Images no name to credit on the site.

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