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High Impact, Budget Friendly Home Upgrades for the Holiday Season

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Erin Davis, GoLocalPDX Contributor

Backsplash tile, courtesy of Mosaik Design
With Halloween behind us, it’s officially the holiday season. For many of us, our thoughts turn to our homes, as friends and relatives will be coming over for Thanksgiving dinner, holiday meals, or simply a mug of hot mulled wine in front of the fire. 

I’ve compiled some high impact, budget friendly home improvement ideas to give your home an update in time for the holiday season but will last long after the holiday decorations come down.


Twinkle lights are always fun and festive, but consider adding landscape lighting to your front yard or back patio. As the days become shorter, you and your guests will appreciate this upgrade. Walkway lighting or step lighting is easy to install and adds a safety and security factor as well as enhances the curb appeal. You can find a variety of options from water resistant to solar powered to motion sensing. 


The quickest way to transform a space or feature in your home is to update the paint color. It doesn’t always have to be re-painting a wall. Try drawing attention to some of the focal points in your home by applying fresh paint to places like:

  • Fireplace bricks: Painting the bricks around your fireplace is a great way to make over an existing focal point in your home. Dark natural bricks can often pull the light out of a room so brightening them up with a coat of paint can really shift the mood of the environment and make a nice backdrop for the stockings. Alternatively, adding a dark coat of paint can add an air of glamour and sophistication.
  • Cabinet Backs: If your cabinet backs are visible, use them to your advantage. A coat of bright paint that coordinates with your room is an unexpected pop of color that can really help tie a room together. Adding interior lighting will showcase unique items such as your holiday plates and create a gallery effect in your home. 


Tile Backsplash

Adding or replacing tile backsplash in a kitchen might sound daunting to some, but it can be an easy, budget friendly project that can be accomplished in a weekend. There are literally hundreds of shapes and styles to choose from. Whether you choose a classic subway or a modern glass tile, a new backsplash can instantly upgrade the space and make your kitchen feel bigger. Not only does your backsplash repel water, light colored tile, metallic or glass can almost serve as mini-mirrors and help increase light in a room. You can also play around with tile in different ways such as using it as a decorative focus point behind your stove or tile all the way to the ceiling for added drama.

Well-lit kitchen with crown molding, courtesy of Mosaik Design

Crown Molding

One my favorite ways to add instant character to an ordinary room is to install crown molding. Try doing this in the dining room, family room and even the kitchen for added elegance. If your ceilings are low, paint the crown molding the wall color to draw your eye up and to give the impression of more height.  Another option is to paint or stain the molding to match your existing millwork throughout the house to create a consistent yet interesting overall look for your home. Adding architectural detail like crown molding not only adds value to your home as well but also makes a stunning statement when the guests sit down to dinner.

These are just a few ideas that make a big design statement and don’t cost an arm and a leg. All of them can be done in a weekend and will not only impress your guests, but make an impact all year long.

How are you prepping your home for the holidays? Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

Erin Davis is owner of Mosaik Design & Remodeling in Portland Oregon. For more information and tips visit mosaikdesign.com or contact her at [email protected]





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