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Portland Farmers Market Set for 7th Annual Reusable Bag Design Contest

Monday, February 27, 2017
GoLocalPDX Lifestyle Team

2016 winning artwork by Audrey Jenkins, Wilson High School
The Portland Farmers Market will host their 7th annual reusable bag design contest for high school students. 

All entries tube be submitted by 5 p.m. on Friday, April 14. 

Contest winners will be announced on Saturday, June 3 at the Portland State University Farmers Market.

The winner will receive a $1,000 scholarship and their artwork will be put on reusable bags that will be given to shoppers during the market season.

Contest Instructions 

The theme for the reusable bag design contest is “Eat fresh. Eat local.” 

Designers must follow the theme and include the phrase “2017 Portland Farmers Market” in their design in order to be considered. In addition, students are encouraged to include imagery familiar to the City of Portland and the marketplace like fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and more.

The winning artist will receive a $1,000 scholarship, the first and second runners-up will receive a $500 scholarship and the People’s Choice winner will take home $250. 

The first place winner will earn the prestige of having their artwork printed on hundreds of reusable bags.

For more information, click here. 

  • Alliance High School

    2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 13.27%    

    2013-2014 Graduation Rate: 21.43%

    Percent Change: -8.6%

  • Leadership and Entrepreneurship Public Charter High School (now closed)

    2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 25.51%    

    2013-2014 Graduation Rate: 38.26%

    Percent Change: -12.75%

    Image via Leadership and Entrepreneurship Public Charter High School's Facebook page

  • Trillium High School

    2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 40%    

    2013-2014 Graduation Rate: 65%

    Percent Change: -25%

  • Roosevelt High School

    2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 61.67%    

    2013-2014 Graduation Rate:  53.37%

    Percent Change: +8.4%

  • Metropolitan Learning Center

    2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 71.88%    

    2013-2014 Graduation Rate:  81.08%

    Percent Change: -9.25%

  • Madison High School

    2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 73.76%    

    2013-2014 Graduation Rate:  75.42%

    Percent Change: -1.66%

  • Jefferson High School

    2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 80.47%    

    2013-2014 Graduation Rate:  66.37%

    Percent Change: +14.1%

  • Cleveland High School

    2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 85.16%    

    2013-2014 Graduation Rate:  83.29%

    Percent Change: +1.81%

  • Franklin High School

    2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 87.89%    

    2013-2014 Graduation Rate:  86.46%

    Percent Change: +1.43%

  • Benson Polytechnic High School

    2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 87.89%    

    2013-2014 Graduation Rate:  85.47%

    Percent Change: +2.42%

  • Grant High School

    2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 89.15%    

    2013-2014 Graduation Rate:  89.84%

    Percent Change: -0.69%

  • Wilson High School

    2014-2015 Graduation Rate: 90.7%    

    2013-2014 Graduation Rate:  86.61%

    Percent Change: +4.09%

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