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Gresham Police Warn of Man Posing as Utility Worker

Tuesday, May 09, 2017
GoLocalPDX News Team

Gresham Police are warning the public about reports from utility companies that citizens in the northwest part of town say a man has been posing as a utility worker and trying to enter their homes. 

Utility companies have been able to determine it was not any of their employees or contractor workers so they called the police. 

Residents have reported these incidents to local utility companies five times but there may be more unreported incidences. 

The Incidents 

Residents near the intersection of Northwest Division street and Northwest Mawrcrest drive as well as residents of an apartment complex in the 2700 block of West Powell boulevard say a man knocked on their doors as late as 9 p.m. at night between April 13 and April 28 claiming to work for a utility company and asking the residents if he could come in and check their services. 

The man had no identifying company uniform or identification badge and no suspicious cars have been seen during any of the incidents. None of the residents allowed the man to come into their homes, but the motivation of the unknown man to try to enter homes is unknown.

Utility companies say it's rare for a worker to contact homeowners unannounced, especially late at night, so if someone comes to your door purporting to be from a business or company, make sure you ask for a photo identification and look for a vehicle with a matching logo on it. If the person still seems suspicious or refuses to give you information, call police with a description of the person. 

If you have had a similar experience and you have a description of the man or if there was a car associated with him, call the Gresham Police Department Tip Line at 503-618-2719 or toll free at 1-888-989-3505; callers can remain anonymous.


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