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Oregon Ranked 30th in U.S. for Dependency on Gun Industry

Friday, March 17, 2017
GoLocalPDX News Team

{image_1]Oregon ranks in the middle of the pack when it comes to the dependency on the gun industry. 

According to a recent study completed by WalletHub, Oregon ranks 30th in the U.S. for dependency on the gun industry. 

“Gun sales are down since Donald Trump won the White House. And while that’s good news to some, it could be a bad sign for state economies relying heavily on the firearms industry. By one estimate, guns contributed more than $51 billion to the nation’s coffers and generated nearly $7.4 billion in federal and state taxes in 2016,” said WalletHub. 

Oregon ranks 25th for firearm industry, 28th for gun prevalence and 35th for gun politics. 

The Rankings 

Oregon is ranked behind New Mexico and Colorado at 28th and 29th respectively. Oregon ranks ahead of Pennsylvania and Ohio at 31st and 32nd respectively. 

Alaska is the state that most depends on the gun industry with Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota and Idaho rounding out the top five. 

See the full rankings in the map below 

Source: WalletHub

The Method 

In order to identify the states that most and least depend on the gun industry for economic stability, WalletHub’s analysts compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across three key dimensions: 1) Firearms Industry, 2) Gun Prevalence and 3) Gun Politics.

They evaluated those dimensions using 13 relevant metrics. Each metric was graded on a 100-point scale, with a score of 100 representing the “most gun-industry-dependent” state.

They then calculated the overall score for each state and the District based on its weighted average across all metrics and used the resulting scores to construct our final ranking.

Firearms Industry – Total Points: 35

  • Firearms-Industry Jobs per Capita: Double Weight (~7.78 Points)
  • Firearms Dealers & Importers per Capita: Full Weight (~3.89 Points)
  • Firearms Manufacturers per Capita: Full Weight (~3.89 Points)
  • Average Wages & Benefits in Firearms Industry: Full Weight (~3.89 Points)
  • Total Firearms-Industry Output per Capita: Full Weight (~3.89 Points)
  • Total Taxes Paid by Firearms Industry per Capita: Full Weight (~3.89 Points)
  • Presence of State Law Granting Immunity to Gun Industry: Full Weight (~3.89 Points)
  • Strictness of State Gun Laws: Full Weight (~3.89 Points)


Gun Prevalence – Total Points: 35

  • Gun Ownership Rate: Full Weight (~11.67 Points)
  • Gun Sales per Capita: Full Weight (~11.67 Points)
  • Gun Ads for Private Buying & Selling: Full Weight (~11.66 Points)


Gun Politics – Total Points: 30

  • Gun-Control Contributions to Congressional Members per Capita: Full Weight (~15 Points)
  • Gun-Rights Contributions to Congressional Members per Capita: Full Weight (~15 Points)
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