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Fecteau: Moore Madness From Trump

Saturday, November 25, 2017
Matt Fecteau, GoLocalPDX Guest MINDSETTERâ„¢

Mark Curtis
President Donald Trump is ostensibly backing alleged child molester and Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore. Mr. Trump recent position on Mr. Moore is not only despicable on a personal level, it is a complete disrespect of his duty to represent the best interests of all citizens, including the numerous women who have come forward against Mr. Moore. These women, who were children at the time that they allege Mr. Moore molested them, are the true victims of this tragedy. To those who say this is no big deal, what if this was one of your children?

Amidst mounting allegations against Moore, Mr. Trump -- in all his infinite wisdom -- has toyed with potentially backing Mr. Moore in the special election against Democrat Doug Jones. This comes at the same time that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is contemplating triggering another special election to prevent Moore from claiming victory and establishment Republicans are running from him.

Trump has some odd reasoning for said support. He has stated that Mr. Jones is weak on crime. Looking at Mr. Jones’s background, this is far from true. As a United States Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, Mr. Jones secured a number of indictments against KKK members and investigated other hate crimes in Alabama. This is poor optics again for Mr. Trump, a man that has failed to condemn white supremacists in the past and has even said they are “very fine people.”

It’s clear that Mr. Trump’s reasons for backing Mr. Moore are mostly partisan. Mr. Trump said that he doesn’t want a Democrat to take the seat. But we need to ask, how much further can we lower the bar? New York Times opinion columnist Thomas Friedman called the election of President Donald Trump a moral 9/11 in the face of Mr. Trump disgraceful behavior. If that was the case, this current election in Alabama is the equivalent of a moral nuclear explosion.

If this was a Democrat, regardless of his or her position, I would immediately retract any respective support for them. It is not only the right thing but also better for the party as a whole. If any democrat supported a person such as Mr. Moore, I would have difficulty supporting them going forward as well – just that simple.

For the good of Alabama and our country, the voters need to reject Moore this coming special election. This not just about an election; it is about human decency. Mr. Trump’s support for Moore is just madness.

Matt Fecteau ([email protected]) is a Master of Public Administration candidate at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and an Iraq War veteran. Follow him on Twitter @MatthewFecteau

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