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Portland’s Project 529 Partners with ABUS Security to Stop Bike Thefts

Monday, April 20, 2015
Briauna Skye McKizzie, GoLocalPDX Contributor

Project 529 hopes to continue to decrease the amount of bikes stolen in the Portland Metro and is excited to announce their union with ABUS.
Project 529 has recently announced that they will be partnering with ABUS Mobile Security, LLC to help keep PDX cyclists and their bikes safe. 

Based in Portland, Project 529 is a team of software professionals who use technology to “enhance the cycling experience.” One way the company has done this is by creating 529 Garage, a registration system that has helped owners reclaim $15 million work of bikes in just one year, according to J. Allard. 

The Portland Chief of Police, Larry O’ Dea, recognized Project 529 for its efforts and services when he appointed Allard to the Portland Police Bike Theft Task Force.

Project 529 hopes to continue to decrease the amount of bikes stolen in the Portland Metro and is excited to announce their union with ABUS. 

ABUS is one of the biggest and most respected mobile security companies in the world and has been operating since 1924.

According to a press release, the union of both companies is a “marriage made of manufacturing innovation and technology.”

  • The Bike Shield

    An app designed for cyclists and motorists, The Bike Shield uses a network of users on the road. Car drivers get a signal that warns them of approaching bikes and motorcycles. 

  • Strava

    A trip-tracking app for cyclists with a competitive edge, it allows riders to post riding times for routes and compete for the top spot. 

  • Ride With GPS

    Ride With GPS is a trip tracker, but also a great trip planner. It helps riders plan trips and organize rides with friends. And it will fix routes between stops on bike-friendly roads. A new feature offers guided bike tours created by memebers in the bike community. 

  • 529 Garage

    Project your bike and others, with this app. Store critical information to establish your ownership of the bike. And if a bike is stolen, app users can send out an instant alert signal to help other riders look out for the bike—a neighborhood watch network. 

  • Bike Doctor

    The Bike Doctor is a e-bike maintenance manual with simple instructions and step-by-step pictures. Besides covering common bike repairs, other guides include most common maintenance errors, how to stop bike squeaks, and preventing punctures. 

  • Bike Gears Calculator

    For cyclists who enjoy the the technical side of biking, this app helps compare bike gears, match the app to your specs and adjust your gears accordingly. 

  • Global Cycle Coach

    This app is designed for cyclists who want to do indoor spinning classes, but don’t have the time or the money attend class. The free app coaches you through customizable workouts, from beginner to advanced, and allows you to track calories and listen to your own music or selected playlists. 

    Photo credit: Stefan Funke on Flickr

  • Size My Bike

    Whether your looking for your first bike or upgrading to a new one, this app will help make sure you get the perfect fit. By defining your body measurements, the app will compute the optimal geometry of your bike, to improve performance and comfort.

  • Cyclemeter

    Record your ride, and learn your speed, distance, pedal revolutions per minute, as welll as how much power you're generating while tracking your changes over time. 

    The app also lets you post your workout through social media and email your route to friends and family, so they can get live updates from your ride. 



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