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Oregon Has 2nd Lowest Risk of Black Friday Violence in 2018, Says Study

Friday, November 23, 2018
GoLocalPDX News Team

Thanksgiving has come and got, which means Black Friday is here.

According to a recent study completed by Reviews.org, Oregon ranks as the state with the second lowest risk of Black Friday violence in 2018.

“Here in the good ol’ USA, we take our sales events seriously, and none more so than Black Friday. After all the Thanksgiving turkey and football, we feel justified in getting a pair of sick new kicks, that giant-screen 4K Ultra HD 3D TV, or whatever toy will be bigger than Tickle-Me-Elmo this year,” said Reviews.org.

Oregon is ranked behind only Vermont, when it comes to the lowest risk of Black Friday violence.

According to Reviews.org, there have been no reports of Black Friday violence in the top five safest states for the last ten years.

Arkansas has the highest risk of Black Friday violence, followed by Tennessee, West Virginia, North Carolina and Alabama.

See the Rankings in the Chart Below:


Black Friday Tips

Along with identifying the safest states for Black Friday shopping, Reviews.org also offers the following safety tips>

1) Make a plan

What stores are you going to? Which items do you want from which stores? Pay attention to advertisements and mark what items you want in advance. You’ll especially want to figure out which stores you’re going to and in what order, and how you’re going to get through them safely.

All in all, you want to have your plan memorized before you set foot outside the house.

If you’re taking other people with you, agree on a meeting place at every store you go to, just in case you get separated in the hustle. If you split up, agree on a time to meet so you’ll know quickly if something has gone wrong.

2) Carry only what you need

You don’t want to take your largest, most unwieldy purse in a Black Friday packed store. Not only will you have a more difficult time navigating through the aisles, but also you’ll have to worry about potential pickpockets who could use the crowd as a good opportunity to snatch your wallet.

Travel light, and leave the tote bag at home. You’ll have more space to carry your purchases that way, too.

3) Keep your phone charged

Go into your Black Friday rush with a fully charged phone and emergency contacts ready to go. Whether you get separated from friends or need to contact emergency personnel for some reason, this is not the time to walk around with your phone on 20% and dropping.

If you can, carry an external charger with you. That way, if your phone does lose too much battery power, you have a backup source.

4) Leave if you sense danger

Whenever possible, stay on the outside of tightly packed crowds, and if you feel unsafe, trust your instincts.

No gift or deal is worth your life or your health. If you sense things going downhill, get yourself out of the crowd and the store quickly. Don’t fight to the middle of crowds or get yourself lost in a knot of people just to claim that discounted tablet.

5) Avoid Black Friday altogether

If you’d rather skip the crowds, dodge the lines, and never leave your living room, you can always opt out of Black Friday entirely and embrace Cyber Monday instead. You still get some great deals, and you can order your gifts without having to leave your house.

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