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Keep Calm and Love On with the Portland Storytellers Guild

Saturday, February 13, 2016
GoLocalPDX Lifestyle Team

Celebrate great love stories on Valentine’s Day weekend with the Portland Storyteller’s Guild.

The Storyteller’s Guild will present “Keep Calm and Love On,” in honor of the romantic holiday this weekend.

Storytellers Avery Hill, Kriya Kaping, Ingrid Nixon and Gretchen Peterson will spin tales about love. From wars and ghosts to leaves and grass and from Morocco and marriage proposals to superheroes, these epic tales of romance will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Join the Storyteller’s Guild for a an evening of heartbeats and heart-bursts to gently tug your heartstrings.

The show will begin at 7:30 PM on Saturday, February 13 at Hipbone Studio, located at 1847 East Burnside. General admission is $10 and guild members can enter for $8.

For more information, visit the Portland Storyteller’s Guild website.

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    10 Things 'Basic' Girls in Portland Do

    If you don't know what a 'Basic Bitch' is, a quick Google search will get you to the definition pretty fast. 'Basic Bitch' has been a trending term amongst twenty-somethings for the past couple years, typically used to describe a privileged, white, young female whose interests center around mainstream media and girly trends. The term 'Basic Bitch' was originally used within the LGBT and drag communities as an insult to competitors at vogue balls, according to an article by PAPER Magazine. But over the years the term has been used across sites such as College Humor, Thought Catalog and Buzzfeed to describe 'average' white girls. But why is it bad for a woman to like "basic," or "mainstream" things? Everyone is entitled to their own taste! Many girls know that they're often called "basic bitches" because of their style and interests, but they don't care. And that's why they're awesome. 

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    The Reluctant Adventurer: The Year of Dating Totally Un-Dangerously

    Friends: I, like millions of people across the country, have recently signed on to a dating site in an attempt not to die alone. If you can help me to avoid going on more dates with boring strangers who speak about themselves in the 3rd person, please introduce me to your favorite single un-crazy friend (or, your single friend who is f*cked up in a way that you believe complements the ways in which I am f*cked up). I appreciate your attention to this matter, and because you've taken the time to read this, I've included this photo of a kitten posing like a pinup girl for your viewing pleasure. Weird. Now back to your regularly scheduled posts about how much people love their lives and stuff.

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    10 Things That Have Never Been Said in Portland

    Portlanders are a breed of their own. We're kale-munching, mountain-biking, beer-brewing hipsters and coffee snobs. Even in a culture as unique and quirky as ours, there are certain things that people just don't do.There are things that have never been said.  Conan O'Brien's reoccurring bit called "Things That Have Never, Ever Been Said," is the perfect example of what we're talking about. GoLocalPDX took a page from Conan's book and came up with our own sarcastic one-liners about things people in Portland would just never say. 

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    Beach Blanket Commando: Dos and Don’ts of Oregon’s Nude Beaches

    Portland has not one, but two officially designated clothing-optional beaches just a short drive from downtown: Collins Beach on Sauvie Island and Rooster Rock State Park, not far from the Crown Point Visitors Center (but far enough that looky-loos can’t see you with their binoculars). Truth is, there are plenty of places where people get naked in Oregon, like Portland’s infamous annual Naked Bike Ride, but that’s a slippery slope of legal rights, civil action and perceived intention that is best left alone when all you’re looking to do is tan your bum.  With an understanding that Oregon’s nude beaches attract large crowds each summer it’s important to know what is cool and not so cool at these sun-worshiping hot spots.

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  • #11

    15 Types of Hipsters You’ll Meet in Portland

    Portland isn't like other cities where you have hipsters and non-hipsters. In Portland, almost everyone is a hipster. How could you live in this city and not be? That being said, Portlanders don't fit into one stereotypical hipster box. Portland hipsters don't all wear Raybans and flannel and have art degrees from Lewis and Clark, only the "classic" hipsters. (See more on classic hipsters in the slides below). We are all so different from one another, the only thing we have in common is not being "mainstream." After a thorough and extensive investigation which we conducted called "Living in Portland," GoLocalPDX has broken down the main 15 different types of hipsters you'll meet here.

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  • #10

    Sheila Hamilton: Learning From Mental Illness and How You Can’t Erase the Past

    Sheila Hamilton is a well-known local broadcast personality. She is also a mother. Her daughter's father struggled with mental illness, and tragically lost his life to his disease. Recently, Hamilton started a blog to discuss how she has dealt with the issue. It is heartfelt and has not been an easy subject for Hamilton to discuss with her family and friends, let alone the public. That said, Hamilton felt it was time to tell her truth. Hamilton was just named one of Oregon's Mental Health Heroes by Trillium Family Services, the largest provider of mental health services to Oregon youth and their families. Hamilton shares her first blog post with GoLocalPDX

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    Bill Cosby and Rape: One Oregon Woman’s Perspective

     Until recently the stories of Cosby drugging and raping women were never developed or adequately disseminated and so the rumors remained on the shadowy periphery of American social consciousness, and ultimately, ignored. That is until SNL writer, and comedian, Hannibal Buress, also a black man, did a stand-up routine and called Bill Cosby out as a “rapist.” After the comedy routine, the media suddenly came alive with women willing to be interviewed and come out as rape victims of Bill Cosby. This was not the first time that had occurred though.

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  • #8

    20 Reasons Why Portland is the Best West Coast City

    The West Coast is arguably the best coast, dotted with beautiful cities North to South. During the Summer travel season tourists from across the United States and abroad flock to the sandy shores of the Pacific Ocean and the bright lights of Los Angeles and Seattle. But now it seems that every year more people are coming to visit Portland, and for good reason. PDX, Beervana, The City of Roses, Stumptown. Whatever you call it, Portland is the utopia of the Pacific Northwest, the land of ever-flowing beer, and home to many people who couldn't imagine living anywhere else.

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    50 Books Set in Oregon

    Portland is a creative, vibrant literary city, but the state of Oregon has always had a long and proud history of producing a mix of meaningful, intellectual, and commercially successful works of literary merit. Oregon has long been a source of inspiration for some of the state's most highly regarded authors. Ken Kesey, Ursula K. Le Guin, and William Stafford, to name a few, have all written novels and poetry rooted in Oregon's ideals, values, and landscape. As Pacific Northwesterners, we love our outdoors, and this extends to our writing as well. Many of Oregon's most prominent novels are evocative love letters to the Oregon landscape: its woods, coasts, rivers, deserts, and its people.

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  • #6

    30 Famous College Grads From Oregon

    Over the past century, Nobel Peace Prize winners, record-holding Olympic athletes, presidents of global corporations, and the voice behind Disney's Goofy have graduated from Oregon colleges and universities. The accomplishments of Oregon alumni shows the state’s colleges and universities can produce top-tier grads, despite being smaller and younger than some of the country’s top schools. 

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  • #5

    25 New Things Coming to Portland

    Change is a good thing, right? Whether you enjoy change or whether you will forever feel very uncomfortable with the concept, Portland seems addicted to it. In a city where cranes are a more common sight than birds in the sky, Portland is ready to welcome new buildings, restaurants, laws, and practices. The skyline of the West - and the East - sides of Portland are about to become unfamiliar to most of Portland's oldest inhabitants. That's right, those who have lived here for about a decade: here's looking at you. 

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     20 Things To Do In Portland Before You Die

    GoLocalPDX has put together the ultimate bucket list for activities throughout the Rose City. We have everything ranging from riding your bike down the streets of Portland naked to visiting the Nike World Headquarters.  We've included activities that will be fun for the whole family, so no matter what you're into we've got you covered!

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    Twelve Things Portlanders Say

    Portlanders say the funniest things. We’ve got a very particular culture, with its own set of standards, values and assumptions. These quirks come across when we talk. Portlanders just assume that everyone is as strange as they are, which they aren’t. Some things are common expressions for Portlanders, Oregonians or webfoots in general. Other things we say are just indicative of the local propensity to see the world a little differently.

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    Top 20 Swimming Holes to Visit this Summer

    It may not seem like it, but summer will be here again before you can blink an eye. Soon enough,  Oregonians are starting to take trips to their favorite swimming holes. But if you don't have a favorite spot yet, GoLocalPDX has you covered. Be sure to get out of the house and head to one of these fun swimming spots when the temperatures rise once again.

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